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Posted by Judie Langford on Apr 16, 2014 in Business Services

Four ways to use Social Media for your Clinic

Any Social Media Agency in Los Angeles will tell you that no matter what field you are in you will benefit from social media. And this goes for clinics as well. Here are five ways to use social media for your clinic:

1. Introduce your Team: This is the simplest approach to social media and the key difference between introducing your team on social media as opposed to your website is that you are able to remain in contact with patients on social media. Team members can converse with visitors and start of interesting strings that might attract others to follow. When you can demonstrate your team are caring and paying attention to their patients online it will provide a sense of community to help attract new patients.

2. Provide Updates: In the medical profession you will find news hitting the headlines everyday. For example recent announcements by WHO that we should not eat more than six teaspoons of sugar a day probably sent millions of people into a tizzy. By offering insight into things such as the latest flu virus, findings on diet, dangers for health conditions and other such information will allow you to provide a safe haven for people to get the facts on what is really happening.

3. Interact with Referrals: You can come up with ways to interact with a group of health care professionals and provide references to referrals made and why they were made. You can give examples of cases in which a chiropractor was able to help or why a patient might seek advice or consultation with someone in your group. You can even then have your colleagues comment and they can offer advice of what patients can do if they have the same symptoms or challenges.

4. Provide Responsive, Collaborative Care: Many patients feel uninvolved in their own health care. You can create collaborative relationships with patients and keep them actively involved in their choices and options using social media.

Whether you are a doctors’ office, dentist, physiotherapist or chiropractor sharing with social media agency can help you establish your expertise, encourage patients to interact with you and allow you to even build stronger relationships in the medical community.

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