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Posted by on Jul 3, 2020 in Car Dealer |

Four Handy Tips for Finding a Reliable Subaru Dealer

Four Handy Tips for Finding a Reliable Subaru Dealer

Here are some tips from Subaru dealer in Frankfort on finding a reliable Subaru vehicle in your area:

1. Referrals: Ask people you know – from friends and family to officemates and even passing colleagues – for advice on where they bought their cars. If they can give you a name, great. If they can’t, just ask if the experience was a good one for them. If they say no, at least you have an idea of what dealerships to steer clear of and which ones to put on your list.

2. Research: Next step is to do your own research. If you got a name, search for it online. Same with a dealership. Scour site pages and forum sites for any mention of those people and shops. In an age when maintaining personal social media channels is part of our day-to-day interactions, you’re likely to see that person with a professional pages on social platforms or that shop with a site. You can easily verify who they are and, based on the number of responses on their sites – and given the way they deal with inquiries and respond to comments and suggestions – you can get a pretty good idea if they’re going to be good for you or not.

3. Research some more: This means reaching out to people in your network to ask their own network about any word-of-mouth suggestions their own contacts might have and to send over those suggestions to you. By leveraging your network, you can handily expand your own reach to get the information you need. Just make sure to send a thank you to everyone who helped you out, no matter if the assistance helped or not. Courtesy is crucial in keeping professional relationships on a healthy, positive, and even keel. So when you ask for help next time, you can reach out to more people. And you get all that out of a simple thank you.

4. Get on-site: Maybe you didn’t get a name but if you heard wonderful things about a certain dealership, that gives you a great place to start. Get to the store, ask questions, and see the quality of their staff for yourself. Don’t get distracted by ‘great one-time offers’ or ‘special warranties,’ if there are any. Tamp down on your impulsiveness when you see a good deal. You’re not there to shop, you’re there to observe—so do.

These are just four tips on how you can find a certified Subaru dealer in your area. If you’re near Frankfort, we offer a team of highly qualified, certified professionals to assist you. Get in touch with us at Hawk Subaru of Joliet.