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Posted by Judie langford on Apr 10, 2019 in Healthcare

Foot Specialists in Kenosha WI: Things that Cause Heel Pain

Foot Specialists in Kenosha WI: Things that Cause Heel Pain

It goes without saying that chronic pain in the heel area is not a fun experience. The heel is one of the two parts on your feet that absorbs the most pressure during the act of walking, so any pain in the heel is going to make walking a chore. Under normal circumstances, heel pain is caused by just overworking it, typically by walking too long or otherwise putting pressure on the heel for a long period of time. However, this can also cause other ailments that prolong or worsen the pain. Here is a short list of the most likely causes.

Heel bursitis

Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa in the back of the heel. A bursa is a sack of fluid located between your bones and tendons that keeps the two from rubbing against each other and causing pain. Heel bursitis is normally caused by putting high amounts of pressure on the heel awkwardly that the bursa can’t handle. It can also be caused by pressure from uncomfortable footwear. In some cases, even the Achilles tendon will swell along with it, intensifying the pain.

Stress fracture

If you are active in sports that heavily involve your feet, or work in heavy-duty manual labor, this is the likely culprit behind your case of heel pain. A stress fracture is, as the name implies, a bone fracture caused by the heel bone being worn down by constant physical stress. While not outright broken, it still results in immense pain. Especially in the case of a possible fracture, it is important to see foot specialists in Kenosha WI for treatment.

Heel bumps

Heel bumps are commonly found in teenagers whose heel bones are not yet fully developed. The under-developed heel bone rubs incessantly, resulting in too much bone being created to compensate and causing pain. For girls, this can be caused by wearing uncomfortable heels while the heel bone is still under-developed.

There are other, more mundane causes for heel pain. Even something as normal as walking in an awkward fashion for too long can cause your heel harm. Considering its importance to the human body’s locomotive ability, it’s important to remember how fragile the heel actually is. If you are suffering from heel pain, visit Foot Specialists in Kenosha WI to find the root cause, and how it can best be treated. Visit Greatlakesfootankle.com for more information.