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Posted by on Sep 22, 2022 in Educational consultant |

Five Ways a Pediatric Feeding Therapist Can Help Your Child with Eating

As a parent, it can be difficult to watch your child struggle with eating. You may feel helpless and not know how to best support your child. A pediatric feeding therapist can help. Here are five ways a pediatric feeding therapist can help your child with eating:

1. Providing Guidance on How to Eat Healthy and Nutritious Meals

A pediatric feeding therapist can provide you and your child with guidance on how to create healthy and nutritious meals. They can also help you teach your child about the importance of nutrition and making healthy choices.

2. Helping Your Child Overcome Their Fears Around Food

Many children have fears about food, such as fear of trying new foods or fear of choking. A therapist, such as those at Feeding Fundamentals, LLC, can help your child work through their fears and give them the tools they need to overcome them.

3. Developing a Positive Relationship With Food

For many children, mealtimes are stressful and negatively associated. A feeding therapist can help your child develop a positive relationship with food so that mealtimes are enjoyable for everyone.

4. Learning How to Eat Independently

One of the goals of therapy is for your child to learn how to eat independently. A feeding therapist will work with your child on their fine motor skills and self-feeding so that they can eventually eat on their own.

5. Increasing the Variety of Foods They Will Eat

They will expose your child to a variety of different foods so that they will be more likely to try new things. They will also work with you on ways to make mealtime more enjoyable for everyone involved.