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Posted by on Jul 10, 2019 in Lawyers |

Fines for Reckless Driving In Bridgeview.

Fines for Reckless Driving In Bridgeview.

The offense of reckless driving in Illinois is controlled by 625 ILCS 5-1103. The statute addresses both misdemeanor and felony reckless driving. It defines reckless driving as operating a motor vehicle with a “willful or wanton disregard for the safety of the persons or property” of others. It also describes the offense as knowingly driving a vehicle and using an incline like a “railroad crossing, bridge, approach or hill to cause the vehicle to become airborne.”

Misdemeanor reckless driving is a class A misdemeanor in Illinois. It carries a penalty of up to 364 days in jail and a fine not to reach $2,500. According to the reckless driving lawyers in Bridgeview from our law firm, reckless driving can also be charged as a felony if the violation causes bodily harm to a child or a school crossing guard who is on duty. Under those circumstances, the crime is a class 4 felony that is punishable by one to three years in prison and a fine not to exceed $25,000. If the driver is found to have been guilty of reckless driving and caused great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement to somebody else, a child or school crossing guard, he or she can be guilty of a class 3 felony that is punishable by between two and five years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

Along with the above penalties, the Illinois Secretary of State can suspend or revoke the driver’s license of anybody who is found guilty of reckless driving. Under the right circumstances, a DUI in Illinois might be pled down to reckless driving.