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Posted by on Oct 22, 2019 in Business |

Finding the Best Jigging Rod in New York and the Best Place to Use It

Finding the Best Jigging Rod in New York and the Best Place to Use It

A jigging rod is a type of fishing rod in which the baiter uses a jig, making this type of fishing called jigging. A jig comes with a lead sinker and a hook that is molded into it to attract fish, and when a fish bites the bait, it causes a jerky, vertical motion. This motion of a caught fish makes the slow pitch jigging rod a favorite among fishermen.

Finding the Best Jigging Rod

The best jigging rod is one that comes with a contrasting set of requirements. Most importantly, it will need to be light. After all, you will be hoisting the rod up and down for hours during fishing, so weight is important. The rod should also be made of strong material that is flexible as well so that it is capable of handling large catches. You don’t want your rod to bend when you manage to snag a big fish such as a halibut, snapper or amberjack.

Where Do You Cast a Slow Pitch Jigging Rod?

A jigging rod is versatile and flexible, so you can use it in both fresh and salt water. If you are not sure what type of rod to use, starting with a jigging rod will help you enjoy this sport or hobby. The only requirement from a jig user is a strong arm. Expect each caught fish to be jerking around once snared.

For a successful jig, pair your jigging rod with a reel that comes with high-speed gear ratio. Your reel must come with high drag power as well. This way, you can easily haul all the jerking fishes your jig will catch.

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