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Posted by on Jan 22, 2020 in Business |

Easy-to-Light Firewood With More Heat & Less Smoke

Easy-to-Light Firewood With More Heat & Less Smoke

The next time you have to buy firewood in NJ, consider kiln-dried firewood. It’s the kind that hospitality establishments and restaurants use in their fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, and with good reason. Here are several features and benefits that make this type of wood superior to standard firewood.

Dry, Clean, and Easy to Light

When firewood undergoes drying by kiln, the kiln’s low heat preserves the firewood’s integrity, but it kills any possible insect infestation and mold. It also removes the wood’s moisture. What’s left is a clean, very dry product that lights easily, doesn’t give off too much smoke, and burns 30 to 40 percent hotter than standard firewood.

Before the wood enters the kiln, a unique machine separates the larger, quality pieces from debris such as loose bark and dirt. The wood gets chopped into manageable pieces and bundled for easy, quick delivery.

The delivery comes directly to your home or another specified location, saving you the time, money, and energy required to buy firewood in NJ and transport it yourself or chop it and stack it at home. Kiln-dried firewood works equally well in fireplaces or wood-burning stoves.

Minimal Impact on the Environment

Instead of sourcing wood from zealous logging suppliers, specialty kiln-dried firewood comes from tree removal jobs completed around the state. This makes it significantly more sustainable than standard firewood and completes the valuable task of harvesting and utilizing local natural resources more efficiently.

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