Do You Need Masonry Services in New Canaan CT?

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Landscaping

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Just as beautiful plants can add a lot to a yard’s landscape, masonry can as well. A rock wall or a winding pathway might be the perfect design feature to complete the look of a yard. Here are some of the options that Masonry Services in New Canaan CT can provide.


A patio is one of the most useful features that can be added to a yard. It is an ideal place to have a table and chairs for outdoor dining. Many people use a patio for parties, since they and their guests can eat dinner together there under the stars. Some people love to relax in a comfortable chair, where they are able to immerse themselves in the latest bestselling novel or watch birds come to a bird-feeder. Patios can be large or small, simple or complex, depending on the needs of homeowners.


A stone path through a yard has a charming appearance, yet it also makes the yard easier to use. After rain has fallen, following a paved walkway is far more pleasant than walking on the wet ground. The smoothness of a walkway may also be helpful for those who have limited mobility. A paved path can lead to a garden, a pond, or any other area that a homeowner desires.


A rock wall is a great way to accentuate the look of a sitting area, patio, or another part of the yard. Using lovely stones, a sturdy and attractive wall can be constructed to fit a yard’s unique landscape design. Some people like to have a bench that is built into the wall so that they can sit down and enjoy the view. Others may plan to put outdoor lanterns on the wall to light up parts of the yard at night. Walls are versatile, with many kinds to choose from. Some yards need walls that are mostly practical, such as a retaining wall. On properties that have an incline of some sort, a retaining wall may be necessary to protect against erosion, keeping mud from getting onto a nice green lawn or a pathway.

These and other options from Masonry Services in New Canaan CT can offer exactly the features that a yard needs to look its best. Contact Giglio Landscaping Services to learn more.

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