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Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 in Industrial Supplier |

Precision Pulley: Keeping Industrial Solutions Today

Precision Pulley: Keeping Industrial Solutions Today

The well-known company, Precision Pulley and Idler (PPI) dates from 1977. Its focus is on the components that make up a conveyor system. In Texas, one of the most popular and easily recognized components is the pulley. This simple machine is a basic requirement of all pulley conveyor systems.

What Is a Pulley?

The pulley is possibly the invention of the great Greek philosopher, inventor, and mathematician, Archimedes (287 BC – 212 BC). Plutarch (45 AD – 120 AD) gives him the credit in the Life of Marcellus. A pulley is the opposite of complex. At its most basic, it consists of a wheel and a rope. The rope fits into and runs around the top of the wheel. The load to be lifted or moved is attached to the end of the rope. If an individual pulls on the end of the rope on one side of the pulley, it will move the load at the other side of the pulley.

Basic Parts of a Pulley

A pulley, according to engineers, is a “simple machine.” It comprises one of the six categories designated as such. Things such as wheels and axels are members. Simple machines are dubbed accordingly because their components are unassuming, every day, items. A pulley is a perfect example. At its most basic, it is made up of two parts:

1. A wheel with a groove into which the seconds part fits
2. A rope, cable or belt

Yet, this machine is capable of making it easier for people to lift heavy loads. While one pulley may “lighten the load,” using more will result in the need for less force to lift and move the item to question whether it is in a warehouse in Oregon or an oil rig in Texas.

Types of Systems

Pulley systems come in three basic types. These are:

 * Fixed Axle
 * Free Axle and, therefore, a movable system
 * A combination of the two systems utilizing both a free and fixed axle

The latter two systems tend to exhibit greater efficiency.

Another means of looking at types of systems is in terms of open or closed. The most common closed system is the “belt and pulley system.” Instead of supplying lifting power, this arrangement and combination are utilized as the major component of a conveyor system. A Precision pulley often performs this role in several industries.

The Precision Pulley

As a product of PPI, Precision pulleys offer the solutions to many lifting and moving problems. They are one component in the manufacturing line of pulley systems that the company distributes in the United States, including Texas. With a concern for quality and taking pride in high-performance products, PPI proudly manufactures the Precision Pulley to meet these – their industrial goals and their client’s needs.