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Posted by on Mar 8, 2019 in Lawyers |

Do You Need a Mediation Lawyer in Temecula?

Do You Need a Mediation Lawyer in Temecula?

It’s possible for a person to file a lawsuit and then engage in settlement talks without the help of a mediation lawyer in Temecula, but is it a good idea? Understand that just because someone can do something doesn’t mean that they should do it, especially when it comes to legal matters that can have complicated details.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

An important reason for hiring a mediation lawyer in Temecula is an experience. A lawyer will know how to handle settlement talks. They can advise their clients about the options that are available. If a person enters settlement talks without a lawyer, they might overlook some options. They might end up taking a settlement offer that isn’t exactly ideal. Anyone who is thinking of filing a lawsuit might want to contact the Law Office of Michelle Penna for a consultation. Even if a person has filed a lawsuit without a lawyer’s help, they can bring a lawyer in for mediation talks.

When Isn’t a Lawyer Needed?

A lawyer isn’t always needed for mediation. If a person is filing a matter in a small claims court, they can usually get by without the help of a lawyer. A small family lawsuit can also usually be resolved without hiring an attorney. When there isn’t a lot at risk, a person might want to handle matters themselves so that they can save money.

Living with a Bad Outcome

If a person doesn’t hire a lawyer for their settlement talks, they could end up living with an unfavorable outcome. While a person might think that they got a great settlement when it’s first offered, they might later realize that the dollar amount was a lot lower than what the case was worth. Too bad that there isn’t any going back once the settlement is accepted. Even after a lawyer is paid out of a settlement, a person usually ends up a lot better off than they would have when they go at it alone.

Using a lawyer for serious mediation is the right move for most people. With more serious matters, it’s wise to visit a website like for help.