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Posted by on Apr 6, 2021 in Lawyers |

Disability Lawyers in Missouri: Reasons Why You Might Get Denied

Disability Lawyers in Missouri: Reasons Why You Might Get Denied

When you hire one of the Social Security Disability Lawyers in Missouri to apply for disability, you should physically write down all the reasons why you qualify for the benefits. In fact, that is usually the first thing you want to talk about when you call up a lawyer. What most Disability Lawyers in Missouri are going to tell you can be extremely helpful is to take a few moments to think about the reasons why you would get denied benefits. There are some rejection reasons that are out of your control and then there are those that you could have control of.

You Make Too Much Money

There is not going to be a lot you can do if your reason for rejection is making too much money. A law firm will be the first people to tell you that a lawyer is not going to be able to change your chances of getting disability if you make too much money. Your only option would be to make less money and apply again in a year. For a great number of people this is not really a feasible idea.

You Have a Short Term Disability

The purpose of applying for disability is to get financial support when you are not able to do enough work to support yourself and possibly your family. Typically, a person needs disability because of a medical condition. Whether or not a person qualifies for disability is relative to how long they are going to have the medical condition. If it is believed that your condition is not going to disable you for a very long time, your disability application is likely to be rejected.

When you apply for disability, you have to keep in mind that they need to be able to locate you. They are going to send you follow up information in the mail and they are going to call you with random questions. If you are difficult to get a hold of, it is going to be hard for your application to be approved. Some people resolve this issue by having the Social Security office contact their lawyer anytime they need to speak with them. Visit Grundy Disability Group website online for more information.