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Posted by on Sep 3, 2014 in Construction and Maintenance |

Different types and styles of bathroom ceiling fans

A bathroom ceiling fan has two roles to play; removing odors and removing moisture from the air. There is a wide variety of bathroom ceiling fans available although the same fan does not necessarily have to be installed in the bathroom, it can just as easily be installed in a remote area. Although odor and moisture removal are the promise tasks expected of the fan, they are available with additional features.

As the name suggests, a bathroom ceiling fan is often mounted on the ceiling. When the unit is installed in the ceiling it is coupled with a vent. When the fan is operating it draws the odors and moisture from the room. Excessive moisture is the primary cause of mold and mildew and can be a major problem in any bathroom if not eliminated.

In many cases the ceiling fan is wired into the lighting, when a single switch is thrown both the fan and the lights come on. Although this is common with fans that simply have an off and on switch, there are more complex fans that actually have variable speed capabilities, these fans require a separate rotary switch to operate properly. There are also fans that are turned on and off by a pull chain, the switch is actually an integral part of the fan unit.

A bathroom ceiling fan can be installed in a remote location and draw the odors and moisture from the room through a duct. The advantage of this installation is quite; when the fan is located away from the room very little if any noise is noticed when the unit is running. Remote installation is used when there is insufficient room to install the fan in the ceiling, they are placed in ductwork; the room vents are attached to the fan through these ducts.

A popular additional feature is a heater which is built into the fan. Just like a light, the heater can be wired in such a way that it too runs when the fan runs. A heater can make for a comfortable addition when you are bathing in a drafty house during the winter. A heater also helps to evaporate any moisture that is in the room.

The key to an efficient bathroom ceiling fan installation is sizing the fan correctly. In most homes a single fan will work well but if the bathroom is quite large or perhaps has a Jacuzzi a pair of fans may be necessary, your supplier can help you make the correct choice for your situation.