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Posted by on Dec 30, 2014 in Shopping |

Designer Lehengas Sarees for a Modern or Traditional Wedding

Indian wedding ceremonies demand a luxurious buying spree for the bride and her family as well as the groom’s. Beginning with choosing from wide varieties of jewelry to the option of her bridal dress, everything demands unique care. These days, contemporary brides seem to prefer wearing a lehenga for their special day. However, in the opinion of the biggest names in Indian fashion design, a designer saree or silk saree should be the obvious choice for a traditional Indian wedding. A big reason for this choice is that because it is comprised of nine yards of fabric, a saree can be draped in many different ways, each offering a new look, depending on the way you drape it. Regardless of your choice, there are tons of designer lehengas sarees to choose from today.

Designer Lehengas Sarees: Top Saree Designs

Some of the biggest names in designer sarees include the Baluchari saree, the Benarasi silk saree, and the Kanjeevaram silk saree. Due to the skilled and artful weaving done right in India and the amount of work put into these dresses, combined with the luscious silk materials used in production, these designer sarees are the perfect choice for a wedding for many women.

The Baluchari Saree

Baluchari sarees come from Bengal. They are available in elegant hues of reds, orange, royal blue, plum and other shades of purple, greens, and much more. They use the finest silk yarns in weaving the fabric for these dresses.

The Benarasi Saree

Benarasi sarees originate from Varanasi. They are most recognized for their finest gold and silver threading. These sarees are usually worn by the mother of the bride who embodies the richness and elegance put into each of these dresses.

The Kanjeevaram Saree

These sarees come from South India. The patterns and designs used for these sarees are always on trend. They feature patterns of palaces and temples, which highlight the intensive zari work put into the pallu. The Kanjeevaram saree is recognized around the world.

Designer Lehengas Sarees: Top Lehenga Designs

Modern day brides in India seem to be opting for designer lehengas in their wedding ceremonies. Vivid colors and luxury fabric are used to give lehengas a feeling of richness. Red used to be the traditional color for a wedding, but today brides are experimenting a bit more, and lehenga designs are shifting with them.

While the traditional bright color choices in reds, yellows, magenta, and blue will always be around, designer lehengas are now available in many different colors for women of different complexions to wear in various seasons. Emerald and burgundy are two colors that have become an incredibly popular and elegant combination. For summer and monsoon seasons, different shades of orange, such as tangerine, add a beautiful pop of color to the dull days while enhancing the color of women who have a fair complexion.

Whether you are looking for a traditional silk saree or a more modern lehenga, designer lehengas sarees today are available in a variety never before seen. Make your special day the most special by experimenting with these beautiful dresses today. Visit for more information.