CIP System: Efficient Cleaning in Place Systems Result in Less Downtime

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Business

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Any type of beverage or food processing system benefits from the use of an effective CIP (Cleaning in Place) system. This is a process for sterilizing the tanks and equipment in which foods and beverages are processed, but may be difficult to clean and sanitize regularly due to lengthy product creation times or hard to reach areas within the equipment. A good example of a company which deals with lengthy product creation times is the brewing industry, as the unfinished product can take up to six weeks for completion. Dairy processing plants require frequent cleaning and sanitization in between batches. These are just a few examples of the types of businesses which can benefit from using a CIP system.

How CIP Systems Work

CIP systems provide automatic cleaning and sanitization of processing equipment. Many of the modern systems provide double seat valve processes which employ a block and bleed approach that allows production in other areas of the equipment to continue. This provides the ability for a systematic cleaning at key points in the production process and eliminates the lulls in production which can occur when systems are shut down for cleaning in between batches or during product changeovers. Bacteria and solids are removed from all parts of the equipment including holding tanks, delicate piping systems, siphons and other components with a specialized chemical treatment system.

Benefits of CIP Systems

When production companies choose to use this type of sanitization system there is no need for disassembling all of the components in order to reach all intricate parts of the equipment. It saves time and money by requiring less down time for the equipment, and fewer man hours required to complete the cleaning and disinfecting process. Both solids and bacteria are removed from the production equipment which provides for a safer and higher quality in the end product. Productivity is also increased in instances where a rapid changeover of products is required and sanitization is needed in between batches. This system is especially useful for medium to larger sized operations which require frequent cleaning and disinfecting of their processing equipment in order to satisfy health regulations.

Cleaning in place systems are a logical solution for businesses which require a fast and efficient way to sanitize equipment in between batches. The production of a high quality end product with fewer lags in the process results in a stronger bottom line and less time spent on maintenance tasks. For more information on how cleaning in place systems can improve your business, visit the experts at TechniBlend.

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