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Posted by on Jun 28, 2019 in Dentist |

Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings

If you live in California, then you should schedule an appointment at a Northridge dental facility. By having routine dental examinations, you can maintain a healthy smile with your natural teeth rather than needing to wear a dental bridge. First, a dentist can check your teeth for any cavities that require a color-matching filling before cleaning your teeth with special instruments. You likely think that you keep your teeth clean with brushing, but a dentist can still find plaque buildup between the teeth. Removing this hardened debris can prevent gingivitis or bad breath.

Teeth Whitening

When you have a problem with your teeth, a routine visit to a Northridge dental office is the perfect time to discuss the issue. If you have a small chip on the edge of a tooth, then a dentist can mix a bonding substance to fix the damage. With the proper application, the bonding substance will dry in only a few minutes before the dentist polishes it to create a beautiful tooth. It is also possible to whiten the enamel on your teeth with a professional teeth-whitening process. Our dentist can apply a hydrogen peroxide solution on your teeth, and after water is added to your mouth, the chemical reaction eliminates the ugly stains from your teeth.

Preventative Treatments

At a Northridge dental office, you can have preventative treatments for your teeth. A dentist can apply liquid fluoride on your teeth to strengthen the enamel to prevent cavities. We recommend an application of fluoride once a year to protect your teeth. When you have a problem with cavities in the molars that are located at the back of your mouth, consider having sealants applied to these teeth. An application of sealants can last as long as 10 years, giving you long-term cavity protection.

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