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Posted by Judie Langford on Oct 20, 2014 in Healthcare

Common Pregnancy Problems Solved by Obstetricians

Common Pregnancy Problems Solved by Obstetricians

Nothing feels better than knowing that a little life is developing inside you. As wonderful as it feels, being pregnant also comes with its set of responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is making sure that your health and that of the baby is taken good care of throughout the pregnancy. The people that are going to help you achieve this good health are Obstetricians. Here is a list of pregnancy problems that are normally solved by these health specialists.


This is the loss of a pregnancy within the first 20 weeks. There are many factors that contribute to miscarriages. With the help of an obstetrician, you can avoid these causative factors. In most cases, it is believed that chromosomal anomalies prevent the embryo from developing into a fetus. The warning signs that you should look out for include:

1. Spotting or abnormal bleeding on the vagina. This is usually the major warning sign that a miscarriage is about to happen. It is not uncommon to spot during the early months of pregnancy, but, if it becomes excessive, it may become a problem. You should call your doctor as soon as the problem occurs.

2. Pain that resembles cramps in the abdominal region: Unless the baby has started kicking, getting cramps in the abdomen should have you worried. You should consult an obstetrician for an ultrasound in order to rule out the problem.

Premature labor and birth

When you start getting regular contractions that signal the birth before the 37th week, you could be experiencing a premature birth. You are supposed to call in a doctor and get tests done. Note that with proper medical attention, premature births do not mean that you lose your baby. As a matter of fact, about 12 percent of babies are delivered prematurely in the country.


About 5 percent of pregnant women are diagnosed with this problem in the country. The condition is characterized by high blood pressure and a high concentration of protein the urine. When the problem is addressed in time, the health of mother and baby will be preserved. On the other hand, if the problem is allowed to get complicated, the results could be devastating.

Those are a few problems that Obstetricians deal with. Mothers to be should visit Missouri Delta Medical Center for the best medical assistance throughout the pregnancy. Go to for details.