Cat Boarding Round Lake IL: Cozy Kitty

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Pets

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Our pets are our family. We treat them like family seeking the most caring individuals to help keep our furry and feathered friends safe and healthy throughout the years. Pets bring immeasurable joy and happiness to our lives with their unconditional love. Taking care of all of the household pets is part of the responsibility of any pet owner in order to keep their health in check. Being comfortable during those times when the family goes on a vacation is important in a pets life. At times it will be necessary to board your pet whether it is due to travel, emergencies or home improvements. When this occurs it is expected that the pet can get nervous or become apprehensive due to the separation which is why it is important to ensure that they are comfortable at all costs in their temporary environment.

When considering Cat Boarding Round Lake IL keep in mind that pampering pets is a priority and friendly faces are everywhere. When a feline comes to take lodging while their pet parents are away the receive the best of care and plenty of attention and are treated like the kings and queens that they are. Special attention goes into making sure all of the kitty guests are comfortable and purring happy with plenty of room to roam, fun treats to eat and comfortable bedding to relax on. It is a home away from home and much detail goes into ensuring all guests have no complaints.

Cat Boarding Round Lake IL staff is trained proficiently in first aid and administering medication as well. Grooming services, training, exercise, and daycare and breeding services are all available at one convenient location. All pets feel at home here making for a stress free stay whether it is for lodging or a day spa and grooming activities. All visiting pets are closely monitored and staff is vigilant in making sure the pets are eating well and getting exercise while they stay in the happy environment. Pets with special dietary or physical needs will be accommodated and monitored. Pets are special gifts to us and making sure they are cozy and comfy is a privilege.


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