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Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Education And Learning |

Bring Traditions Home With Hebrew Preschool In Rockville MD

Every child deserves to be educated in a warm and nurturing environment. Jewish children, in particular, need to understand that their religion will bring them strength and fortitude in their later years. This love and faith needs to be taught while they are quite young. This allows little ones to express themselves as they grow into teens, and then eventually adult members of the community.

The Hebrew Preschool in Rockville MD run by the B’nai Tzedek congregation does all this and more. They offer an extensive preschool education for young children, all the way from birth through their pre-elementary school years. After they are ready for first grade, these boys and girls will be able to further their Jewish education with further classes.

Parents appreciate the fact that this preschool works with children from the Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac and Gaithersburg areas of Maryland. Teachers spend time with youngsters, instructing them in such subjects as holiday rituals and culturally accepted ethics. Classes and playtime intermingle throughout the day, so everyone is able to have fun. The curriculum allows children to define themselves as individuals while having a chance to enjoy group activities.

The goal of Hebrew Preschool in Rockville MD is to let every child know they are loved and wanted. It was also created to make sure young children were not forgotten when it came time for religious observances or future rites of passage. Using games, art supplies, and snacks, each day becomes an entirely new experience. Rarely is there a day when a youngster does not wish to make their schooling a priority.

Making this pre-elementary education complete, is the participation of the family. Mothers, fathers, and grandparents are invited to take part in events. Siblings are welcome in this program, as are cousins close in age and neighborhood friends. This is no more evident, then when the group has a party to showcase the abilities of their students. These are the times that families fondly look back on, once their children are all grown up.

For more information and to speak to someone about enrolling your child, visit the website at Bnaitzedek.org. These web pages offer a look at the background of this innovative program, giving prospective students and their families important facts they can use.