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Posted by Judie Langford on Dec 4, 2014 in Oil and Gas

Benefits of Heating Oil Systems in Norwich CT

Benefits of Heating Oil Systems in Norwich CT

Heating oil is one of the cleanest types of heat available. The newer furnaces produce a clean warmth that is environmentally friendly and safe for your home. This type of is a more efficient choice than some other types of heat. The cleanliness keeps you from having to deal with combustion debris in your home. Heating Oil in Norwich CT is a much cleaner choice. It will provide you with a clean, comfortably warm home. Here are some other benefits of heating oil.


Bitter cold weather conditions can cause problems with some heating types. Gas heat is one of those types of heat that can be impacted by extreme cold temperatures. Gas pipes can lose pressure or break. This will leave you without heat until you can repair those pipes. With oil heat you won’t have to worry about those issues. Oil is a reliable fuel source that will provide heating consistency throughout your home.


Oil is a safe fuel source for producing heat. Home heating oil is not combustible when stored in its natural state. It only becomes burning fuel when it is vaporized. You could drop a match into a container of heating oil and it will not burn. This oil will not ignite unless it is heated to a temperature that exceeds 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike a gas leak, an oil leak will not pose any health or safety hazards to those living in the home.

Efficient and Economical

Heating oil actually gives you more bang for your buck. Natural gas prices have been on the rise for quite some time. The price and energy value of oil heat make it a much more economical choice than gas or electric. It will also heat up your home much more quickly than some other types. This gives oil heat a significant value of approximately 40% more than gas. Faster warmth with Heating Oil in Norwich CT will produce an overall savings for you.

You will not regret choosing oil heat for your home. The safety and cleanliness factors make it well worth considering. Rising energy and gas prices have many people reconsidering how they can heat their homes for less money. Oil could be the answer. A new furnace upgrade can save you bundles of money on your energy bill each month. Take the time to visit this website for more details and information about the benefits of oil heat.