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Posted by on Apr 29, 2020 in Lawyers |

Before Signing a Settlement, Speak with Auto Accident Injury Attorneys in Forest City, IA

Before Signing a Settlement, Speak with Auto Accident Injury Attorneys in Forest City, IA

Automobile accidents are tragic enough without harassing phone calls from an insurance company within a day or two after the accident. These telephone calls are usually made by a very polite individual that attempts to sympathize with the plight of your injuries. The reality of the telephone call is to extract as much information out of the injured individual as possible, in order to determine how serious the injuries are and if the individual might settle the case without the use of an attorney. In most cases, within a week, the insurance company will contact you to pressure you to accept their settlement offer.

Before an injured person signs any type of settlement agreement, they should have it reviewed by auto accident injury attorneys in Forest City, IA. The insurance company already knows just about everything about the injured individual, and will make an assessment as to how important a quick settlement is to them. They will usually offer an amount of money that is well under what a person is legally entitled to. If someone agrees to sign the settlement statement, the victim will no longer be able to claim any damages against the insurance company in the future.

Auto accident injury attorneys in Forest City, IA are aware of how the insurance company works, and will fight and negotiate with the insurance company for a proper settlement. An injured individual deserves compensation for their lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and reduced or lost enjoyment of life. If someone received injuries that will last the rest of their life, compensation needs to be paid to help care for them. If an individual has passed away as a result of the accident, the income they would have made in the future may also be calculated into the settlement figure.

Signing a settlement agreement too soon can ruin the opportunity to claim necessary items that will be needed for medical care or lost wages. Mindi Vervaecke at Heiny Law Firm will fight for your rights as a victim.