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Posted by on Apr 12, 2021 in Business |

As-Built Land Surveyors in Spalding County, GA are Useful Tools for Future Developments

As-Built Land Surveyors in Spalding County, GA are Useful Tools for Future Developments

Real estate developers protect themselves every step of the way. The as-built survey documentation is perhaps the most quintessential tool in protecting everyone, including the client, employees, future buyers, and contractors. The below story details why as-built surveys can have positive ramifications in a development project.

Commonly, future developers find themselves in a tight situation. A recent story had a man develop multiple properties by the water in a popular Spalding County. He needed to do major work to the roofs, which was affordable and, quite frankly, a necessary task. The major issue was that a handful of the roofs were in disarray, and the contractors were unwilling to commit to the project without a serious upfront capital investment and insurance premiums. The contractors suggested the man turn to the as-built survey details. The as-built survey would detail any structural integrity issues, and highlight every specific note that went into the initial construction of the property. Unfortunately, the as-built surveys were not ever developed.

The situation intensified when the new contracting team discovered a legal necessity. In short, the original developers were legally required to develop and store an as-built land survey for the entire project. Eventually, a lawsuit was opened, and the situation grew harrowing for the original development company and the owner. The lawsuit settled, and the past developers were held responsible for documentation they intentionally omitted early in the development.

Land Surveyors in Spalding County, GA can develop utility inventories, legal descriptions for property addresses, title surveys, and physical subdivision organization. The above story is admittedly unlikely. But, an as-built survey is a necessary component for outlining the current development of the properties, and receiving a verified status of the properties qualities. It can also really help in the present building. If someone was to claim that the property did not meet code, the original as-built survey would (hopefully) validate that they are incorrect. It acts as insurance. Speak with the Land Surveyors In Spalding County, GA to receive more information about as-built status’ and many other survey types.