All You Need to Know About Birch Trees

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Home And Garden

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Birch trees are a favorite of landscapers. They’ve got colored bark, beautiful fall foliage, they have a graceful look and they grow to heights of about 40 feet.

There are almost 60 different varieties of the Birch tree. Some of the most popular being the Paper, European White, Gray and Yellow.
* Paper: This tree is native to North America and is a favorite ornamental tree. The white bark and stunning green leaves make this a very recognizable tree. These trees can reach heights of up to 80 feet.
* European White: This tree is medium in size and explodes with color in the fall. Urban planters like this tree because of its size and the color it adds to city areas.
* Gray: This is the only type whose bark doesn’t peel. This variety does especially well in moist soil.
* Yellow. The bark of this tree is golden yellow making it stand out in a crowd. It grows quite tall, but is a slow grower with an expansive root system.

There are many other decorative varieties as well. Ask your garden center professional about them.

* Leaves: The leaves on these trees are oval to elliptical shaped depending on the variety of tree. Gray’s leaves are more elliptical shaped and the yellow are more oval. The color of the leaves also varies from a light green to forest green in the summer to vivid yellow, orange and brown in the fall.
* Bark: This is the most distinguishing thing about the Birch tree. In the Paper variety the bark starts off brown but turns white as it ages. The River features many colors in its bark including pink, silver and tan. While the bark starts off smooth in young trees, it turns thick and ridge filled as the tree gets older.
* Flowers: The blooms are long and droop from the branches. They can be seen on the trees in late summer and early fall.

Birch trees need direct sunlight to grow and thrive in moist soil. Because they grow quite tall, you should avoid planting them near overhead wires. Also, because of their root system, do not plant them near driveways or sidewalks as the roots can cause damage.

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