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Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Animal Health |

A Great Animal Clinic in Olathe, KS For New Pet Owners

Any pet owner with an ounce of compassion will be actively involved in their animal’s health. No one wants to see their beloved pet suffer through an illness or live with an impediment that could be easily cured by a visit to the veterinarian. This drives people to find a physician who is as compassionate and skilled as their own family doctor. The experience and care given by an outstanding Animal clinic in Olathe KS like Falcon Valley Animal Hospital is exactly what they are looking for.

For the new pet owner, knowing where to take their animal for medical care can be a challenge. Recommendations are helpful, but don’t always provide enough specific information. In this day and age, social media and online research is the way to go. Visiting a website, will provide owners with details on the services the clinic provides, links to their social media accounts, background on the veterinary staff, and all acceptable payment options. It also contains a very informative new patient portal. This resourceful page provides down-loadable forms of the paperwork one would need for their first visit as well as information on what should be expected on the first visit. To aid inexperienced owners, an abundance of links to educational articles on proper animal care have also been posted. This guidance will ease people into their new responsibilities before they ever bring their pet in.

Thoroughly researching vet clinics will reveal a lot of similarities when it comes to treatments. Standard practices such as spaying or neutering, nail clipping, the administration of yearly vaccines, and availability of emergency services are fairly commonplace. The Animal clinic in Olathe KS goes one step beyond this. In addition to traditional animal medical care, pet owners can take advantage of acupuncture treatment. This alternative stimulation practice aids animal who isn’t responding properly to medications or physical therapy and can actually reduce a number of pharmaceuticals they need to take. Anyone who’s open to thinking outside of the box can have their pet examined and treated in the hopes that this ancient Chinese practice brings true relief.

Clinics like Falcon Valley Animal Hospital are setting trends in veterinary medicine. Taking advantage of their complimentary first exam is a great way for pet owners who are in need of a physician, are unhappy with their current facility, or require a second opinion to discover what they have been missing.