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Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Healthcare |

A Chiropractor in Ft. Campbell, TN Can Help Get Pain Under Control

Pain is the number one reason why people seek the services of a Chiropractor Ft Campbell TN. Pain can be the result of a variety of conditions, including arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, migraines, sports related injuries, an accident or muscle strain. Most often, the back and neck are affected in some manner. Chiropractic care works to relieve the pain through the use of manipulation and adjustments that realign the spine and remove pressure off of the affected area. Chiropractic medicine focuses on conditions that affect the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

When the body is in pain, it can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Getting it under control will allow an individual to regain mobility and movement that was affected by pain. A professional licensed chiropractor at United Chiropractic Clinic can handle any type of chiropractic need a person may have. They serve patients in the Ft. Campbell, TN and Clarksville, TN areas. Whether it’s preventative care that a person is needing, or help recovering from an accident or injury, these doctors offer everything from massage therapy to spinal manipulation, and even decompression therapy, to help a patient find relief and restore movement.

In many cases, back and neck pain are the main reasons that people seek out chiropractic help. Common problems resulting from a misaligned spine, compressed disks, nerve compression and sciatica can all see improvement with chiropractic care. All cases should begin with a consultation that will examine a patient’s medical history and go over any symptoms that the patient has been experiencing. Then an exam will be done to assess the problem. This may include any necessary X-rays, lab tests or an MRI. The chiropractor will also perform neurological and orthopedic tests to check the affected area’s range of motion, muscle strength, neurological integrity and muscle tone. Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, the chiropractor will set up an individualized treatment plan for the patient. Typically, the first treatment will be performed during the initial visit.

A Chiropractor Ft Campbell TN will work to stimulate soft tissue healing and control pain through manipulations and adjustments of the affected area. He may provide instruction for stretching and strengthening exercises that will help to improve coordination, strength and balance. Chiropractic treatment may also include coaching on diet and nutrition, as well as lifestyle counseling, to aid in a person’s recovery.