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Posted by on Jun 3, 2020 in Lawyers |

A Brief Look At Social Security Disability Benefits

Social security in Morristown is a federal government insurance program that is funded from contributions made to FICA, Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes. Social Security is designed to provide a monthly monetary payment to those who have reached retirement age and meet certain criteria, it also cares for those who have a medical disability and have yet to reach retirement age but are prevented from earning a living. For those that are disabled there are two social security benefits programs available to them:

* Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): This is a benefit that is available to the disabled individual who has worked for a number of years and has accumulated sufficient points to be considered.

* Supplemental Security Income (SSI): This benefit is available to those who are disabled and whose income and assets are low.


It takes two things for one to be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance; the person must be truly disabled and he or she must have worked long enough to build-up sufficient work credits. The amount of work credits that one needs depends on the applicant’s age and the year in which the applicant became disabled. Regardless, the applicant must have worked some part of any five of the last ten years before becoming disabled.

In the event the applicant is approved for benefits he or she can expect monthly cash payments, the amount of which is based on the applicant’s personal earnings record. Roughly speaking the cash benefits will vary from$800 to $1,400 monthly. Once the payments have been made for a full 24 months the individual also becomes eligible for Medicare regardless of age.


Supplemental Security Income is administered by Social Security in Morristown but it actually is a joint effort between the Social Security Administration and the state government. The result is; the benefits that one receives will depend on the state they live in. For the purposes of federal SSA an applicant must meet the following criteria:

* Blind, disabled or 65 years of age or older

* A citizen of the United States or based on permanent residency the applicant must meet certain requirements such as having been in the military or a political asylum seeker or refugee.

* Low monthly income; although only 50 percent of your income is taken into account this cannot exceed anywhere from $700 to $1,400 a month depending on where you live.

* You must own less than $2,000 worth of assets; minus your car and home.

Those who have their application approved can look forward to receiving monthly cash benefits of a little over $720, less a small part of your income.

Social Security in Morristown is very complex, there are numerous rules and regulations that an applicant or disability payments must meet. Contact Drozdowski & Rabin, PLLC for details.

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