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Posted by on Mar 13, 2019 in Construction and Maintenance |

6 Ways to Find an Architect for Your Project

Your style isn’t like anyone else’s. If you want your home to reflect who you are, then it’s critical that you hire an architect in Bedford NH who understands your taste and needs.

Do a bit of homework

Think about your goals and needs. Do you need more room? If you are hiring the services of anarchitect in Bedford NH for a remodeling project, what to do you want to see? What kind of activities will that space be used for? Where is it going to be located? You’ll need to figure these things out before you reach out to a pro.

Build a list

Once you are clear about the requirements of your building project, it’s time to start collecting names. This is a good time to reach out to contacts for referrals and hiring tips. By the time you’re done, you should have enough to fill up a list.

Call each one

Start winnowing down your options by calling up those firms and talking to them about your project. Be sure to look up the experience and qualifications of each one on their sites.

Look at their portfolio

Take the time to go over the other sites or projects that that firm has worked on in the past. Which ones appeal to you? Pick out styles or designs that may be a good fit for your space.

Ask about the materials

Don’t forget to check on the quality and kind of materials for the project. If your architect recommends the use of substandard options, that’s a bad sign. You may be better off checking out other names on the list.

Look for rapport

Pick someone you’ll get along with, The Business Journals says. It’s easy to talk about changes you want or ask for suggestions that way. If you aren’t comfortable with the person, then that could impact the project, so find the right match.