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Posted by on Nov 24, 2021 in Baby Food |

4 Types of Baby Formula to Help US Mothers Make the Best Choices

4 Types of Baby Formula to Help US Mothers Make the Best Choices

When it’s time to bring your newborn baby home, you’ll have to begin thinking about the baby formula you’ll buy. There are different types of baby formula, and each type is intended to be nourishing for babies with distinct needs. By conducting a basic baby formula comparison, you can determine which type of formula is best for your new child.

Gentle and Lactose-Free

These formulas are intended for babies who experience more gas than the average baby. When a baby has excessive gas, this can indicate that they are lactose intolerant. These formulas are still milk-based products, but the lactose sugars are removed or reduced to provide a lighter feeding for babies with sensitive stomachs.

Added Rice Starch

Babies who spit up frequently after consuming their formula may be experiencing acid reflux. The rice starch helps absorb the formula to limit the production of acid. This reduces the baby’s tendency to spit up after a feeding.


There are some babies who suffer from extreme lactose intolerance and other medical conditions that prevent them from properly digesting milk-based products. If your baby has an allergy to milk or suffers from galactosemia, a soy-based formula may be the better alternative.


In your baby formula comparison, you should consider the possibility that your baby will be allergic to both milk and soy. When this occurs, look for a hypoallergenic formula that doesn’t use either product. Instead, this type of formula uses pre-digested proteins that are more easily absorbed.

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