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Posted by on Jun 30, 2021 in Lawyers |

3 Ways a Divorce Attorney in Jacksonville Can Help You

3 Ways a Divorce Attorney in Jacksonville Can Help You

Divorce is significantly more complex and involved than the marital process. This complexity is because even the shortest of marriages result in the creation of marital property, longer marriages might include the added attribute of offspring and the need to address parenting rights. There are specific details that need to be settled in divorce cases, which is why hiring a skilled divorce attorney in Jacksonville is in your best interests. Here are a few ways your lawyer can help you.

Hang onto Family Heirlooms
You may own a vacation home, perhaps a piece of antique jewelry inherited. In addition to its monetary value, it may also hold sentimental meaning for you. Your lawyer can help you reach a compromise with your spouse’s attorney to allow you to keep that property during asset division.

Keep Support Payments Fair

It may be necessary for you to pay spousal or child support to your spouse as a condition of the divorce. If you try to represent yourself in a divorce hearing, you may be subjected to unfair payment amounts. Your attorney can review the terms for support, and they can help you fight for a fairer support agreement.

Keep Your Parental Rights

Child custody disputes can become particularly bitter, and your spouse may try to convince the judge that you’re an unfit parent. A divorce attorney in Jacksonville will know how to respond to those claims. The judge will want to try to keep both parents in the child’s life whenever possible, so your lawyer may still be able to help you get shared custody in that situation.

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