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Posted by on Jul 25, 2019 in Music School |

3 Reasons You Should Start Those Guitar Lessons Now

Are you thinking about taking Guitar Lessons Charleston SC? The experience will add a lot to your life. Along the way, you’ll find that the ability to play the guitar will serve you well in more than one way. Here are three reasons to make that call and schedule your first lesson today.

You Can Take Your Music With You Just About Anywhere

As you become more proficient with the guitar, there will be opportunities to share your budding talent with others. You can even play for yourself if you like. It’s not about being able to strum away while you’re in your home. It’s also about being able to take your guitar and sit under a tree at the park. Perhaps you can take it along and play for others at a party, a charity event, or participate in a special music presentation at your house of worship. In fact, you can take your guitar along to a lot of places where lugging a piano around would be difficult.

You Develop a Skill That Could Make Some Extra Money

While you don’t plan on becoming a music star, those guitar lessons in Charleston SC do help you develop a skill that makes it possible to earn some extra money. Have you thought about being in a band that backs a local singer two or three nights a week? Maybe you would like to pick up some cash playing at a club where they pass the hat to the patrons after every set. You may even get to the point that you could teach guitar lessons on the side.

The Guitar Helps You Beat Stress

You may have no interest in playing in front of any type of audience. The playing is mainly for your benefit. Did you know that taking guitar lessons in Charleston SC and learning how to play provides you with a great way to beat stress? After a rough day at work, getting out a guitar and playing some relaxing music is soothing. This one benefit alone makes those lessons worth the time and expense.

Contact Chris Dodson Music today and schedule your first lesson. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you catch on to the basics. As the lessons progress, you’ll feel more confident and begin to really enjoy what you are learning. When it’s all done, you will have a talent that you can use any way you like for the rest of your life.