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Posted by on May 21, 2019 in Pet Service |

Your Dog’s Stay Away From Home

Your Dog’s Stay Away From Home

Taking your dog to a boarding facility for any length of time can be intimidating because you might not be sure of how your pet will act around other dogs. With a few tips, you can prepare your pet for the adventure and will often find that your dog had a lot of fun at the dog boarding Manhattan facility while you were away.

When you begin looking for a facility, you need to make sure it’s reliable and that the workers have been trained to care for the dogs that are there. Look at the reviews for the facility as pet owners will usually let others know if their animals weren’t taken care of properly. Your dog will probably look for more attention while you’re gone and will deserve to have more attention given because it’s accustomed to being with you each day. Explain the needs that your pet has to the workers so that they know what to expect from each pet.

Take your dog on a tour of the facility before deciding whether you want to leave your pet there. Both of you should feel comfortable at the location. If you sense that your dog is nervous or if there are any signs that your pet might not settle in well while you’re gone, then consider other boarding options. A dog boarding Manhattan facility will try to be as accommodating as possible to keep your dog happy while there, such as taking your pet outside alone so that it gets more attention or offering spa services for the dogs that are boarded. If you know that you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time, you might want to leave a few comfort items with your pet. Make sure you leave complete instructions with the facility as well as contact information for reaching you while you’re gone.

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