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Posted by on Feb 14, 2019 in Fences and Fencing |

Your Dog Can Have A Fenced Yard, Too

Your Dog Can Have A Fenced Yard, Too

Have you ever visited someone’s home and noticed that their dog was tied to a tree or the porch railing? Do you have other friends or family whose dogs run free inside a fenced area or a covered pavilion-type structure? What are your views on pets having sunshine, fresh air, and room to play outside without getting hit by a car?

Size Matters

If your dog is making your floor into a latrine, then you’re thinking of putting her outside. However, you don’t want her wandering in the neighborhood or being hit by traffic. So you contracted a fence company near Wilmette to build a dog run.

The first thing you’ll choose is the size. You wouldn’t put a chihuahua in a fence spanning an acre, would you? Nor would you place a German shepherd inside a dog run of only a few yards. You need to accurately gauge how much room your animal needs.

Round The Old Oak Tree

You don’t want your fur baby to get sun stroke. If it’s too hot for you outside, think about how miserable she is with that fur coat. Do you have shade trees in your yard? As the sun moves across the sky, does one particular spot remain shady? That’s where you’ll put your dog run. If you don’t have enough or any shade, then a pavilion-type enclosure from fence company near Wilmette will ensure your dog is cool enough in the hot summers.

Whether you’re enclosing your property to render a swimming pool or an outdoor kitchen and living space safe from mishap or making a space for your pets to run in fresh air and freedom, then you should call Top Line Fence Company. Their many types of and materials for fences will impress you. And your dog.