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Posted by on Jun 10, 2021 in Law attorney |

Why Your Business May Want to Hire a Lawyer to Defend Your Trade Secrets

Why Your Business May Want to Hire a Lawyer to Defend Your Trade Secrets

If you suspect that another business has stolen some of your business secrets, you may consider hiring a trade secret attorney who is well-versed in defending trade secrets. Here are some facts about these types of situations that you may want to know.

What Are Trade Secrets?

This term refers to a type of intellectual property that a business has that they keep secret. If this information is gained by other companies, it could very well give those companies an advantage. Trade secrets encompass a wide range of information ranging from recipes that a restaurant may use all the way to complex business strategies that multinational corporations use.


A trade secret attorney can help to protect your trade secrets by drawing up contracts that enforce non-disclosure after employees leave or by designing non-compete agreements. These contracts will ensure that if secrets are leaked to competitors or are brought to another company by an ex-employee, that person will be heavily penalized and may even face criminal charges. This is almost always a strong discouragement to those who seek to do your business harm.

If Something Does Leak

If secret information is leaked, a trade secret attorney can bring the matter to court in a very timely manner. When it comes to intellectual property being illegally disclosed, time is always of the essence. Lawsuits can be issued against the offending parties and all necessary papers can be filed with the court. These things must be done correctly and on time or the lawsuit may be dismissed.