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Posted by Judie Langford on Oct 4, 2013 in Dentistry

Why You Should Choose Professional Teeth Whitening in Port Elizabeth

Why You Should Choose Professional Teeth Whitening in Port Elizabeth

We are taught from an early age that having a pleasant smile is an important attribute, but not everyone is blessed in that department. Sometimes that smile has to be created or enhanced with the help of an expert in Teeth Whitening in Port Elizabeth. We aren’t all born looking like movie stars; some of us have crooked teeth, discolored teeth, misaligned teeth, or even missing teeth, but thanks to the technological advances in Cosmetic Dentistry, we all have a shot at a more pleasing smile that we don’t have to be self-conscious about.

There are a number of methods available for whitening your teeth; rinses, gels, toothpastes, and strips can all provide a degree of whitening which can improve a smile, but they each have their limitations. In the long run, a dentist who performs Teeth Whitening in Port Elizabeth can do more for you than any commercially-available products and the results will be longer-lasting.

Whitening toothpastes are very popular since they contain not only stain-removers, but polishing agents, too, but the best they can do is remove any surface stains your teeth may have. Even those toothpastes that contain hydrogen peroxide can only whiten teeth by about one shade at the most.
Whitening strips and gels are both marketed in large numbers and are both peroxide-based. They are both applied to the teeth twice a day for about two weeks. They can have a noticeable effect on your teeth, but neither product lasts for more than two or three months at the outside.

The rinses which claim to whiten teeth are probably the biggest wastes of your money. They contain hydrogen peroxide, but the rinse only makes contact with your teeth for a few minutes each day, so it’s doubtful that it is going to be able to provide you with any noticeable whitening.

Without a doubt, a good, thorough, in-office professional whitening treatment is going to be the way to go if you’re serious about whitening your teeth. The way this works is that an experienced dentist, trained in Teeth Whitening in Port Elizabeth applies a whitening agent to your teeth. That product is augmented by either a heat source, a special light, or even a laser, depending on the dentist’s procedure of choice. You can notice the results immediately and you’ll have that bright, healthy smile for some time to come.