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Posted by on Sep 16, 2020 in Assisted Living |

Why We Love Our Grandparents? How to Stay Connected As Your Loved Ones Age

Why We Love Our Grandparents? How to Stay Connected As Your Loved Ones Age

Those fortunate enough to still have their grandparents should never take them for granted. When we are young and raising families or pursuing our careers, time is often something that seems to slip away quickly. Parents are typically our main caregivers, but grandparents tend to hold a special place in our hearts. Take the time to spend quality time with them if they are living in an assisted living environment.

Why Grandparents Are So Special To Us Through the Years

Since parents are the ones who are responsible for our upbringing, it is common for parents to sometimes feel like they are the enforcers rather than just that fun family member who always seems to have time to listen and have fun with younger family members. Grandparents are often a softer version of our parents, and their love is priceless. There are ways in which to keep connected with grandparents even if they’ve moved to a senior living community.

Many Senior Living Communities Offer Family Time & Fun Events

Even if your grandparents are less active or develop difficulties with memory or mobility, there are still plenty of things to do right at the assisted living facility. Almost every senior living community has outdoor amenities, comfortable lounge areas and fun special events that families can join in.

Keep in Touch Via Internet & Phone

Most senior communities have Wifi and access to computers and phones. Letters are welcomed too. Learn more by visiting The Chelsea at Solana Marlboro.