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Posted by on May 14, 2013 in Home And Garden |

Why Virginia Businesses Should Hire Professional Tree Services

Companies that specializes in tree pruning in Richmond VA are important businesses. Companies plant trees for added decoration to appeal to costumers before they walk in the door. Maintaining the trees takes more work than planting them in the ground and leaving the rain and sun to do the rest of the work. It’s important to hire a reputable commercial tree service Richmond VA company to take care of the trees.

What Commercial Tree Services Do

Tree pruners show up with clippers and chainsaws. They remove dead branches that could fall at any time, or remove branches that might not handle a bad storm. They also remove infected branches, or entire trees, that might spread disease to the rest. Most companies also provide emergency tree services. Virginia experiences plenty of tornadoes, snowstorms, and hurricanes that will destroy trees. Tree companies will show up quickly to get the mess cleaned up.

Tree Pruning is Important for Businesses

Trees provide decoration and add appeal to businesses, but if the trees look terrible then that appeal disappears. Tree pruning companies keep the trees looking neat and perfect. They also help prevent legal problems. Trees in parking lots have the potential to drop branches on customer cars, and who do you think will end up paying the repair bill? Branches can also fall on electric wires, knocking out power and shutting down business for a time.

Professional Arborists Know Trees

Arborists run commercial tree services. Don’t hire a company that does not have a certified arborist. Arborists are tree experts. They know much more than how to run a chainsaw. If your company has many different tree species, the arborist will know what each individual species needs. One from Virginia will know about typical weather and ground conditions in the area and how that will affect the trees. They also train trees to grow a certain way, preventing problems later.

Reputable Tree Services are Professional

Don’t hire just any guy with a chainsaw. Professional and reputable tree services follow strict rules. They hire arborists, for one. The tree service will have insurance so the company has no fear of legal issues. They will offer workman’s compensation to their employees because it is a dangerous job. The service should also provide free estimates and emergency services.