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Posted by on Sep 30, 2014 in Automotive |

Why Timely Truck And Trailer Alignment in Louisville, KY Makes a Difference

While all vehicles can benefit from proper alignment, this type of maintenance is especially important for trucks and trailers. Making sure to address the issue of Truck And Trailer Alignment in Louisville KY, can help avoid a number of problems that ultimately impact the costs of operating a rig.Wear on the TiresWhen the wheels on the trailer or truck are not properly aligned, this creates additional wear on the tires.

The tread will not wear evenly, a phenomenon that effectively reduces the amount of time those tires can be safely used on the road. Tread is extremely important when it comes to being able to control the movement of the truck and the trailer. While that is important at any time, it is especially essential when attempting to haul a load during heavy rain or on snow. For this reason, regular alignments are a must. Fuel ConsumptionAnother good reason to go engage in Truck And Trailer Alignment in Louisville KY, regularly is to keep the consumption of fuel within reason. Poor alignment places additional stress on the tires and axles, which in turn increases fuel consumption.

Having the truck and trailer aligned means getting more miles from each gallon of fuel consumed. General Upkeep When the truck or trailer is out of alignment, this places additional stress on quite a few parts of the equipment. Axles, wheel bearings, suspension systems, and a number of other components are subjected to unnecessary wear and tear. The result is that repairs and replacements are needed more frequently. The cost of regular alignments easily offsets many of these costs, since those repairs are not needed as often. Working with professionals like the team at Medleys Auto and Truck Alignment Services Inc of Louisville KY, will ensure that the truck and trailer are always aligned perfectly. While there, the team can also check other aspects of the trailer and truck, making sure that it is capable of making a trek across the state or across the country if necessary. Best of all, the quality of the work will ensure that the equipment remains fully functional for many years to come.