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Posted by Phineasgray on Nov 10, 2014 in Business Services

Why Screen Printing Is a Better Choice than Iron-on Transfers

When you are ready to order a custom t-shirt, there are a number of decisions that have to be made. One of the first decisions will be whether you order a screen printed t-shirt or an iron-on transfer. Even though there are some positive features of iron-on transfers, they are typically not the best choice when it is time to create and have a custom t-shirt printed.

Screen Printing Is Durable
One of the primary benefits that are associated with the screen printing option is that the design will be able to last for much longer than a heat transfer. Since you will be spending quite a bit of money on the custom t-shirts, chances are you want to be sure that they are going to be durable and last for a long period of time. The actual printing process, as well as the inks that will be used during the printing of the t-shirt, will ensure that they continue to look great for a number of months, and even years, down the road. However, iron-on transfers will only remain looking good for a period of a few months, at the very most, and after just a few washings you will likely notice that the design has begun to fade, peel or crack.

Screen Printing Is Flexible
Another reason to consider selecting screen printed designs over other methods is because they can be applied to any color of garment. Iron-on transfers are only recommended for use with t-shirts that are light in color. This means that if you plan on printing the designs on various colors, then the screen printing method is the right option.

When selecting screen printing, you will be able to use a number of different fabrics, as well. For example, it can be done on cotton, spandex, nylon and even polyester. You will not be limited to the types of fabric that you can use when you opt for screen printing. This also means that you can have the designs put on various items, including shirts, hats, totes and more.

Custom Options with Screen Printing
A custom design that is screen printed will also allow you to create additional designs that feature something different; with the iron-on transfers, your options will be quite limited. Consider the options carefully so that you can select the best option for your particular needs.

The fact is that when it comes down to selecting which option is the best for you, it should be quite clear. You will have a number of additional options when you select screen printing. You will also receive a higher quality design, as well as the ability to print on different fabrics and colors, which is also quite appealing for many people.