Why is Silicone Used to Insulate Wire?

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Business

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Silicone is a popular material and used in several different industries. Silicone is like the copper of the plastic industry. It’s not that it’s used everywhere, but its applications and properties make it ideal for a wide range of uses. In fact, it if was more affordable, most everything would be made from it. So why are certain types of wire insulated with silicone? This special material has unique properties which make it ideal to insulate wire used in certain industries. From heavy duty industries, such as steel mills and glass foundries, to medical, automobile and aerospace industries. Here are some real world applications for silicone insulated wire, and why only silicone can handle the job.

In the aerospace industry, it is very important that the wire used in the actual plane/ship is extra safe. Silicone wire is used because it can be made in a low smoke, halogen-free grade. This halogen-free grade trumps most other wires as in a fire situation, which can easily occur, it will hold up and keep the wire safe.

Foundries and Mills:
This heavy duty industry generates a lot of intense heat while operating. Whether you’re inside a steel mill, a glass foundry or any other high heat area you need to know that the cables and wires you’re using will be able to withstand the heat. Silicone wires can be made to be not only flame retardant but also self-extinguishing. In static use, it can withstand heat of up to 250 degrees, which is not possible with other types of wire.

Within the medical world, silicone wires are used in a vast number of applications, as well as in raw material. Due to its chemical resistant nature and ability to have a long flexible life, silicone insulated wires are used in medical robotics as well as actual human sensory implants. The raw material is used in a number of medical instruments and can be made to a specific health agency required grade.

The automobile industry is a fast paced, high pressure one in which the engine of any automobile acts as a very hostile environment for any piece of material inside. That’s why silicone wire is used. Auto engines are a high heat, high pressure, chemical heavy area which is the perfect place for silicone  use to be implemented.

These are only a few of the ways silicone and wires are used together in industry. There are many more ways that this versatile material has made our world a better place.

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