Why Do Women Cover Their Hair?

by | Dec 27, 2013 | Shopping

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Head scarves for women have become a bone of contention in some quarters; but, nevertheless, there are still many American women who, not only see nothing wrong in wearing a head scarf, but actually delight in doing so. Especially if the scarf can be considered “fashionable”; what actually constitutes fashion is a moot point that, one way or another, most women seem to be able to sort out.

Fashionable Or Functional?

A piece of cloth coving up ones hair does not sound all that practical; but, head scarves are not only a fashion statement; harking back to 1940’s movie stars being driven by their leading man in his convertible; they can and do protect a ladies hair-do from the wind. If the colors, patterns and prints on the scarf are somewhat unique and particularly attractive; then, the head scarf can be both functional and fashionable.

Why Stop At The Head?

If a man is going to wear a scarf, it will be of a long type, usually in a thick material; designed to be worn about the neck in cold weather to stop cold air entering through a coat or jacket collar. Although there is not much scope for fashion in this type of scarf, women do sometimes wear them for practical reasons.

However, the fashion conscious women of this world have evolved the neck scarf idea into a type of scarf that could also be called a wrap. Here, not only can the material be fashionable; so can the shape and the way in which it is draped around the shoulders, arms and upper body. Some even combine this wrap style scarf with a head scarf to make a long piece of material that covers the hair and hangs down (sometimes all the way to the floor).

Where Do They Come From?

You can buy head scarves and wraps in just about any store selling ladies’ clothing; some of the big stores will have scarves made especially for their store; but, smaller shops and boutiques will buy wholesale fashion scarves for resale to their customers. With the advent of on line shopping, a boutique owner can find good prices for wholesale fashion scarves simply by browsing the web; however, that all important question remains – “Is this one fashionable or not?”

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