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Posted by on Jan 10, 2020 in Dentistry |

Which Type Of Dentist Is Right For You?

Which Type Of Dentist Is Right For You?

The services provided by the dentists in Panama City FL are a valuable addition to the care that you strive to give your mouth and teeth. The research done on oral health and how it relates to the healthy mouths of people across the country is continuous. Unknown to many of us are the connections between poor dental health and the development of many medical diseases. Fortunately dentists understand this connection. The complexity of the oral cavity and the way that dental disease can affect the rest of the mouth is understood in the dental profession. There are many different types of dentists in Panama City FL who are posed to provide you the specific services you need.

The general dentist has spent four years in a graduate program and carries either a Doctor of Dental Surgery award or the Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. These dentists are the ones that most people are familiar with. They are the dentists who provide the regular teeth cleaning services and treat many patients with in office procedures. A pedodontist provides the same services with an emphasis on the specific needs of children.

Most people are also familiar with the orthodontist. These professionals have the ability to treat crooked teeth, overcrowded mouths and overbites. Most young people will recognize the orthodontist as the provider of braces. General dentists in Panama City FL will refer their patients to an orthodontist when the patient requires the use of braces and other devices for straighter teeth.

There are a variety of dental specialists who treat very specific conditions. Again, the general dentists in Panama City FL will make referrals to these specialists as needed. Periodontists have the specialization necessary to treat a variety of gum conditions. Gingivitis is a common type of disease treated by a periodontist. A periodontist may also perform pocket reduction or regenerative procedures or provide a crown lengthening procedure. Endodontists are specialists who understand the conditions and diseases that threaten the health of the roots of the teeth. They may perform a root canal or other surgeries on the internal part of the teeth.

Oral surgeons specialize in removing teeth (although for most cases the general dentists can provide this service for you). The oral surgeons may perform biopsies on tissues or tumors in the mouth. They perform jaw surgery and provide implants. A prosthodontist specializes in making dentures or providing other forms of restorative treatments. Still other specializing professionals can perform the procedures and provide the treatments to deal with maxillofacial diseases. Click here to know more.

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