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Posted by on Mar 20, 2013 in Construction and Maintenance |

Where to Find Scrap Metal

So there is this buddy of yours who claims he is making a few hundred dollars each month by hauling stuff in to the scrap metal yard and so you think to yourself, if he can do it, surely you can do it. Who couldn’t use a few hundred dollars in their pocket each month? But where does one go out to get scrap metal in NY that is just available for pickup? Luckily there are a few ways in which you can find scrap metal that can turn in to cash for you.

Make Spare Money

Making spare money with scrap metal in NY will take a little bit of work in the beginning. First, you have to figure out where the best places are to get metal that doesn’t belong to anyone else. The most obvious time and place to look is when people have placed their trash out at the road. The metal might not be huge finds like an old car, but a bed frame, some appliances or even a piece of furniture could produce a couple of pounds.

Second, you need to know what days of the week the trash pickup is for a region. Unless you know of a place where you can just browse for metal, the night before trash pickup is your best bet on getting good finds. You will also need a truck and/or a trailer in order to haul the metal pieces you find back to your home or the scrap metal yard you plan to recycle at.

Setting Up a Business

If you have a lot of contacts in the remodeling industry, then you might even take your scrap metal collecting to a part time or a full time job. The remodelers might welcome someone else picking up and taking care of their “trash” so if you are willing to clean up their sites, then you can make some change on the metal pieces you take care of for them.

Set up regular routes where you check the roadside before trash pickup days. Put aside time where you will go out and look for metal each week and see when the most successful days are. Repeat those days and take the money all the way to the bank each week. Change the days of the week if they continuously don’t produce any results and stick with the days that see the most profit.

Besides cleaning up the scrap metal in NY, you get money for your efforts! The city lots can be cleaned up and you get paid for your work and effort. Just check with officials to make sure no one owns the lot first and that it is OK to removed items from those lots.