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Posted by on Dec 27, 2018 in Healthcare |

When To See A Massage Therapist In Federal Way, WA

When To See A Massage Therapist In Federal Way, WA

While it is possible to see a chiropractor without seeing a massage therapist, most chiropractors recommend the addition of massage therapy to chiropractic treatment. It is also possible for an individual to make an appointment for massage therapy and not see a chiropractor.

Determining which professional to see in Federal Way, WA, may initially seem a bit confusing, but by understanding the services and treatment options both provide, it will be clear if one or both of these professionals is the best choice. Keep in mind, it is possible and even desirable for most people to work with both professionals, and many chiropractic clinics offer massage therapy as part of their services.

The Basics of Massage Therapy

A massage therapist is trained and certified in the science of manipulating the muscles of the body, helping to eliminate pain, tension, and stiffness. Through the soft tissue manipulation, circulation to the area can be improved, helping to speed healing, reduce pain and stiffness and provide muscle relaxation.

Through the use of specific techniques and massage methods, the therapist can work with the body to address the specific issues the patient is experiencing. Common types of massage therapies include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and trigger point massage. Each of these methods is recommended for different muscular pain and discomfort, and the massage therapist works with the patient to find the ideal combination to address the specific issues.

Early and Often

Ideally, the sooner an individual starts working with the chiropractor and includes massage therapy, the better. The massage can occur prior to the chiropractic treatment, helping to relax the muscles to allow for easier alignment and manipulation of the spine and joints.

It is also possible to use massage therapy after your chiropractic treatment in Federal Way, WA. Typically, the therapist and the chiropractor provide a recommendation on one or the other option.