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Posted by on Sep 14, 2021 in Automotive |

When Suspension Repair Is Essential

When Suspension Repair Is Essential

You probably drive your vehicle every day and are very familiar with how it rides, turns, and stops. It’s part of driving all the time and can help you determine when something is amiss. It’s a great idea to focus on how your vehicle drives each time you are in it because you want to catch suspension problems early. Getting a repair can seem like an expensive problem, but if you catch the issue early enough, it may not be as bad you imagine.

It’s Not Smooth

Have you ever braced for impact when going over a pothole that couldn’t be missed, only to realize that you felt nothing? Thank that part of the vehicle that includes the shocks and struts. It’s all interconnected, which means you don’t feel it when you go over bumps. If you do notice that you’re bouncing around or rising out of the seat, it could mean that you need a suspension repair near Tinley Park.

Rougher Rides

Bumps that jostle you around could mean that your vehicle is harder to control and that something is wrong. You may also notice that you hear or feel the road beneath you more than before.


When you come to a full stop at a red light, your car should sail smoothly while decelerating. If you notice that the nose seems to dip down on the vehicle, it could be time to take it to a mechanic’s shop to have it looked at and fixed.

Pulling While Turning

Your shocks keep your vehicle stable and in alignment. If you feel that your car is pulling more to the side than normal, you could be at risk for a roll-over and should get to an auto shop as soon as you can.

Suspension repair near Tinley Park is vital so that your vehicle stops appropriately and gives you a smooth, comfortable ride. Contact VIP Tire Corporation to book an appointment.