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Posted by on Mar 6, 2019 in Heating and Air Conditioning |

What You Should Know Before Oil Furnace Replacement in Cranberry, PA

What You Should Know Before Oil Furnace Replacement in Cranberry, PA

Homeowners may feel it is time for oil furnace replacement in Cranberry PA. However, is this truly the case? In the event the furnace is constantly breaking down or the repairs are becoming more expensive, it is likely time to replace the unit. However, there are benefits to doing so, such as lower heating bills and a more comfortable residence. Following are some things every homeowner should know before taking this step.

Repair or Replace?

This is the first question many homeowners consider. If the unit has reached three-quarters of the anticipated life expectancy and the repairs will come to more than one-third of the cost of a furnace replacement, it’s time for a new unit. The best way to determine the life expectancy of the furnace is to locate the manufacturer date on the label. Furnaces should last a minimum of 15 to 20 years or longer for high-quality units that have been regularly maintained. Use this information to determine whether the unit should be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Examine the Ductwork

The problem may not lie with the furnace. It may be that the ducts are leaking the warm air and this is why the home never reaches the desired temperature. Ask the heating company to examine the ducts to see what condition they are in. The ducts may need to be insulated or sealed, and these are only two issues that could be leading to the loss of hot air and the home not remaining comfortable. For this reason, the entire system should be examined before any recommendations are made regarding the repair or replacement of the furnace.

Visit us if you believe you need an Oil Furnace Replacement in Cranberry PA. We are happy to come out and examine the existing system and make recommendations as to whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Services offered include furnace repair and replacement, energy savings agreements, boilers, oil furnaces, and more. Furthermore, HVAC systems can be examined during this visit to see if they are in need of repair or replacement also. Why work with multiple providers when only one is needed? Make this call today.