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Posted by on Nov 11, 2021 in Business |

What You Need to Understand About CUPA in Orange County, CA

What You Need to Understand About CUPA in Orange County, CA

The state of Calif. takes hazardous waste very seriously. Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) is one of the ways that the state attempts to protect the environment from dangerous materials. CUPA in Orange County, CA, is designed to oversee the regulatory bodies governing hazardous waste disposal.

What Does CUPA Do?

CUPA in Orange County, CA, is comprised of a group of agencies that receive certification from the Secretary of the state’s EPA. These local agencies are allowed to implement procedures that oversee permitting, administrating and enforcing emergency, and environmental programs in the state.

What Programs Does CUPA Oversee?

CUPA oversees the following Calif. agencies:

  • California Accidental Release Prevention
  • Underground
  • Storage Tank
  • California Uniform Fire Code
  • Above Ground Petroleum Storage
  • Hazardous Materials Release Response
  • Hazardous Waste Generator/Onsite Waste Treatment

What Type of Accomplishments Does CUPA Have?

CUPA has been involved in a number of accomplishments that have improved the environmental health of Calif. residents. CUPA has increased the required number of inspections and focused on increasing consistency across the several different regulatory bodies that it oversees. CUPA in Orange County, CA, has also focused on improving the overall government efficiency of the programs and increasing the amount of oversight each program receives.

A major consideration when dealing with hazardous materials is the ability of programs to respond quickly. An enhanced response in the case of a hazardous waste emergency has been a major accomplishment of CUPA.

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