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Posted by Judie Langford on Aug 28, 2014 in Healthcare

What You Need to Know About Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH

Are you an employer? If so, you likely have rules and preferences about your employees being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While it is often difficult to detect alcohol after time has passed, a number of drugs stay present in the bloodstream for awhile. This includes prescription drugs. Do not overlook the fact that some people take prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them. this practice is illegal, and if you were to have an employee that tested positive for a prescribed narcotic, you should ask for proof that the medication was prescribed to them.

Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH is the best way to know whether your employees or people you plan to hire are using drugs. You can use the testing process as a requirement for people you plan to hire. You can also randomly test current employees. As for employees, you may decide that they have some leeway if they test positive. You may decide that they get a second chance as long as they get treatment. This does not always mean that they must pay for help. There are a number of free options when it comes to getting off of drugs. Sometimes it is not wise for people to “cold turkey” stop using drugs. The withdrawal may cause them to have seizures or other serious reactions. Encourage your employees to seek help. Even if you have a zero tolerance program in effect when it comes to drug drugs, it is important to make sure that employees and applicants are aware of it.

Perhaps you have fears about people trying to cheat the drug test. This is why you need to rely on professional Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH. They will ensure that the specimens obtained are the right temperature. A common problem with specimens that did not come from the person who is taking the test is that the specimen will not be the right color or temperature. They may also have special procedures in place such as making sure that the toilet is not flushed after testing. This will ensure that no one games the system. Visit the website of this company for more information on ensuring you have a drug free workplace.