What You Need To Know About Dental Crowns In Lincolnwood IL

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Dentistry

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Don’t worry if you don’t know much about Dental Crowns in Lincolnwood IL. It’s pretty easy to figure out the many beneficial things that Dental Crowns offer. If you have problem teeth that need to be fixed, take comfort in knowing that crowns look natural. People who see you smile won’t notice that you have crowns. They will just assume that you have great teeth. Materials such as composite resin and porcelain contribute to the natural look that crowns have. Also, if you have a missing tooth, you can use a crown to replace it. Are you worried about how long a crown will last you? Do you think you will have to be at the dentist’s office every year to get your crown replaced? In reality, you will just have to go for your usual visits to your dentist. Crowns can last as long as fifteen years.

Naturally, Dental Crowns in Lincolnwood IL need to be taken care of if you want them to last long. People who don’t take care of them see crowns needing to be replaced in five years. If you are familiar with dentures, you know that they can slip. This can lead to embarrassing moments as dentures can shift while you are talking to a person. It’s something that will definitely be noticed. You don’t have to worry about crowns slipping while you are talking. Crowns can be anchored or cemented to teeth. There is also the matter of staining. Porcelain is a material that is highly resistant to stains. So as long as you keep your crowns clean, the chance of staining is greatly reduced.

Crowns also offer some level of protection to teeth that are decaying. With a crown in place, a tooth may be protected from the decay spreading. Also, the tooth decay may be causing your tooth to be too sensitive. It may be painful to eat and/or drink. A crown will help to protect you from such discomfort. And if your speech is affected by a missing tooth, a crown can help resolve the speech problem. This can result in an increased level of confidence.
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