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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Business and Economy |

What You Might Find at a Specialty Toy Store Chicago Location

Toys should open up creative doors for kids and do more than just entertain them. Childhood is a special phase in life that should be nurtured and encouraged with the right kinds of stimulation. Specialty Toy Store Chicago options makes a good solution over the same old same old toys. What might you find at this kind of specialty toy store?

Under One Year Old

Babies one year old and under need to have their sponge-like brains stimulated. Toys that do that are simple like rattle keys, rattles, blocks, activity blankets, play mats, electronic devices with sounds and/or lights.

Ages One to Three

Between the ages of one and three, babies go from being infants to toddlers. They need things that will engage them and that they can play with on their own. Something as simple as an alphabet abacus, tub toys that have interactive characters and elements, a baby doll, building block kits, toy cars and trains and safe plush animals.

Ages Three to Five

By the time a toddler starts to get their balance and coordination just right they need ways to challenge themselves. Training skates with the proper safety equipment, painting sets, flash cards, musical instruments and things that teach as well as engage their creativity are important. Unique Toy Store Chicago locations have these toys.

Ages Five to Seven

Five is commonly when a child starts kindergarten. By this time they should already know their alphabet and they should be able to make certain decisions on their own and be able to spell small words. These are the years when it’s time to pick up the pace in reading and learning. Books, art sets, puzzles and a chemistry set.

Ages Seven to Ten

This is the age group when you may need to encourage outdoor play time. A simple jump-rope, new skates and safety equipment and board games to play for learning how to be a good sport and use good gaming manners.

Ten Years Old

Ten-year old kids are heading to the preteen phase and will need mental stimulation as well as continued encouragement to play outdoors. Books encourage the love of reading. Outdoor game kits, science kits, board games and things they can put together are ideal.

You can find these specialty toys in a Specialty Toy Store Chicago location at affordable prices. Choose toys by age level as well as your child’s mental abilities.