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Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Healthcare |

What Type of Home Health Care Services Do You Need?

What Type of Home Health Care Services Do You Need?

If you or a loved one needs home health care services, determining which type of service you need can be difficult. Below is a list of the primary types to help you make a decision:

Elderly Care: Opting for in-home care for your elderly loved one provides them the specialized assistance they need. This often includes medication reminders where a certified nursing assistant will look after your loved one to make sure they remember to take their medications regularly. They can take them to doctor’s appointments so they won’t miss a single one. It might also include some basic housekeeping tasks or errand assistance, someone to make shopping trips for them or to pay their bills.
Some types of in-home elderly care only require a few hours of the caregiver’s time every week. If there’s a need for greater supervision or assistance though, around-the-clock care or live-in help is available. This is option may be appealing if you have a demanding career or have a family and need to attend to other responsibilities and people in your life. Activities involving personal care, like dressing or bathing, toileting, feeding and meal preparation are also included. Many home care providers offer these services, which can make life easier for you and your loved one.

Post-Operative Care: Need home health care services, just until you get back on your feet? It can be incredibly frustrating to suffer through a long recovery time, especially if you are accustomed to being fit and healthy. If you live alone and aren’t used to having people around, you could opt for a care plan where your caregiver comes in for only a few hours a week, satisfying your need for privacy. Your caregiver can come over to tidy up your home, provide you with meals and help remind you to take your pain medication. However, if your condition requires more help, you might have to consider hiring round-the-clock assistance. If you can’t move around just yet and need help with dressing, bathing or feeding yourself, then it’s best to go for a stay-in caregiver.

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