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Posted by on May 12, 2022 in Business |

What To Look For In Pizza Ovens For Commercial Use

What To Look For In Pizza Ovens For Commercial Use

There are many different companies that make pizza ovens, some specialize in pizza ovens for the home, while others focus on pizza ovens for commercial use. When it comes to restaurant use, brick pizza ovens need to have specific features that make them practical, efficient, and a good investment.

Method of Cooking

Traditional styles of brick ovens require the pizzas to be manually moved through the oven throughout the cooking process. The new styles of revolving pizza ovens for commercial businesses rotate continually, creating even cooking and heating without any need to manually move the pies. This not only saves labor but also produces a perfectly cooked pizza for every order.

Size and Footprint

The revolving pizza ovens for commercial use is a very compact system that has a small footprint in any restaurant. It can even be facing the dining room, adding to the authenticity of the restaurant. Choosing natural wood fire or gas flames provides the look and taste that adds to the enjoyment of each pizza.

With the ability to cook pizza in just over a minute in very high heat, some of these ovens are capable of cooking two hundred pizzas per hour. The ability to customize the temperature and the rotation means consistent quality with every pizza.

Reputation for Quality and Dependability

Take the time to review the reputation of the company manufacturing the brick pizza ovens. Look for a company with a proven reputation for creating revolving brick pizza ovens that provide accurate heat and rotation control while also offering reliability and low-maintenance oven designs.